Save Money

One of the advantages of online database software is that it can save your business money. When you don't need to buy a software program for your business, this could result in a major savings overall. In most cases, businesses pay for a software program and then pay for a licensing fee for each computer that uses it. Using an online database may prove cheaper, depending on the number of computers you use. You also don't need to invest in servers to store the data at your business.

Flexible Use

Another benefit of using an online database program is that it allows your business to be flexible. You only pay for the amount of storage that you use. You need not worry about purchasing servers as you go or eliminating them when they are no longer needed. If your business grows or shrinks, you do not need to be concerned about the costs of database management software or servers.

Technical Support

Another advantage of using a Web-based database program is that you can shift the technical support burden to someone else. Paying a company for access to an online database includes technical support. If the database has problems, you simply contact the the company and the staff handles it. You don't need to pay for an information technology professional for this purpose. If you already have an IT department, your employees can focus on other things.

Secure Access

Having secure access to the database at all times from multiple locations is another major advantage of this type of database. With an online database, you could theoretically access the information in the database from any computer. The information is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that all employees have access to the same information and can collaborate with one another on projects -- regardless of location. This advantage can increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Build an Access database to share on the Web

You can use Access 2016 and SharePoint to build web database applications. This helps you:

Secure and manage access to your data using SQL Server.

Share data throughout an organization, or over the Internet.

"Without Access 2016, it would have taken approximately two months to build a similar solution...but with Access 2016, it took less than two weeks to build 90 percent of the Security Central application." SMB Business Owner

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Microsoft Access Templates

Easy Access with templates: Create a database

Templates are document wizards that help you create documents and files with special formatting for the task at hand. You can use templates to create agendas, cover pages, brochures, invoices, pamphlets, letters, certificates, and much more. All the formatting is complete; just add your own content. Your Office apps come with several templates already installed, and you can browse through thousands of templates from right within the Office app you're using.

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Microsoft Office Templates and Themes

These are examples of some of the free Microsoft Templates for Office Online. Our services help you start with these Excel templates and customize them to your special needs.

Online Sales Tracker

Online Scheduler

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Nearly every industry today is grappling with the IT issues surrounding the ever expanding volume of data, the numerous applications and databases that use data, as well as the regulations governing how that data is shared. But the healthcare industry faces a unique set of challenges in modernizing its infrastructure. Healthcare IT executives are being tasked with developing and operating solutions that integrate data from a range of patient, clinical, and back office systems to healthcare providers, patients, payers, technology and pharmaceutical companies. Federal regulations mandate that data and systems are interoperable and can be used for electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchanges (HIE) while meeting the requirements of ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010.

As healthcare companies tackle these projects, the IT project teams will first need to ensure they have the right tools in place to support the complex infrastructure required to design, build and run these 24x7 applications, and, most critically, the databases and data that they run on.

Unparalleled Performance for Health IT Applications

A myriad of problems can arise when developing or in production with an EHR or HIE system. From the time these applications are being designed, through to production, the IT team is responsible for its performance. Underpinning the performance of these 24x7 applications are the data and databases. Modern Database Services provides the tools and skills needed in every phase of your implementation to design, build and run your health IT databases and applications. Our tools accelerate sharing data, increase visibility into data growth, pinpoint and fix database performance issues to ensure 24x7 uptime.

  • These are some of the tools that Health IT Applications use:
  • Care Coordination Tools
  • Communication via Email
  • Interactive Lifestyle Counseling
  • Patient Portals
  • Shared Decision Making Tools
  • Member, Client, and Personnel Tracking

Databases are always the underpinning of all of these applications. There always times when you need a customized database that fits your business.